Workshop Findings

BBD 2016 Working Session Reports

  1. What are the challenges with sharing Bridge health data? Results
  2. How can standardization be accomplished for sharing Bridge health data? Results
  3. What benefits could result from sharing Bridge health data? Results

BBD 2017 Working Session Report

A summary of the working group discussions is linked here.

BBD 2019 Workshop Proceedings



Enabling Access to Bridge Dataset Access in Big Data Pipelines

Nebraska DoT Bridge Inspection Records Dataset cross-linked with National Bridge Inventory

Creating common schemas for Bridge Deficiencies

Converting NBI Data into Structured JSON

Analyzing Nebraska Bridge Inspection Records

NBI compute infrastructure at Labs Workbench, a service of the National Data Service (NDS), a MBDH Infrastructure Partner

This repository contains preliminary information related to the NDS Labs National Bridge Infrastructure (NBI) data pilot. This pilot consists of a MongoDB containing the NBI dataset and a Jupyter environment with sample notebook for use in the Labs Workbench system.

Raw and Curated Datasets

National Bridge Inventory (NBI)

Datacenter Hub